We have two full time nursery rooms. One of these is our preschool room and the other is for our under 2s. Each room has a cosy quiet area in which we like to encourage an early love of books and stories. We also have a messy area in each room that includes an art easel and a sand/water tray and we love to encourage art and craft activities in these areas. We also make sure we have a wide range of educational and construction activities. Throughout the nursery our team uses Makaton sign language which aids the children’s communication and language development.

We also have the salt room which is a key part of the children’s daily routine. During their time in this room the children continue their play whilst benefitting from the salt therapy which clears their airways and boosts their immune system. In addition, we also have a dedicated sleep room which allows us to meet the children’s own routines.

In our preschool room we incorporate many Montessori activities into our daily routines. Using these we encourage our children to become independent learners. Our practical life materials encourage the children to develop their everyday life skills as well as explore their individual abilities. We do have a selection of Montessori materials to extend the children’s hand-eye co-ordination, mathematical skills and knowledge of language.

We feel that the relationship between the nursery and our parents is vital to support the children’s learning and development. For this reason, we have explored many ways of ensuring parents do understand what is happening at the nursery. We use Tapestry Online Journals which allows us to record the development of each child at the nursery and is accessible for you as a parent/carer to view 24/7 and allows you to add your own photos and videos of activities at home, which in turn allows us to incorporate these into our learning and planning. We are also using the Tapestry Care Diary which will send an overview of the day straight to your phone/tablet.

Our location is very central in Tunbridge Wells and this allows us to explore a variety of places during our trips out. We love to visit the beautiful Calverley Park and Grove Park. We are situated very close to the forest that lead to Wellington Rocks. We like to use this woodland area as a natural outdoor learning environment. During our trips out we also like to allow the children to engage in the local community including trips to the fire station; visiting the local library and visiting the post office.