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Located at The Green Cave Day Nursery is carefully developed environment, which nurtures each child in the transition from home to school life.

The early years curriculum is broken down into seven areas of learning in which the staff practice a mix of Montessori, Forest school and traditional nursery methods to fulfil each individual child’s needs.

Our Montessori and Forest School ethos both aim for freedom of movement and freedom of choice. They are holistic philosophies to promote resilient, confident, independent and creative minds.

At The Green Cave Day Nursery we are passionate about creating a challenging learning experience in a nurturing and safe environment in which children develop on an individual basis guided from within; by their natural curiosity and by the careful guidance of our experienced practitioners. We see the early years as a preparation for life and a foundation for everything which follows.


We care about the environment and the impact we have on it for our children. We teach them to love and protect the environment and we do everything we can to give them a healthy start in life. Cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly. Most of our toys and furniture in the nursery are made from wood, creating a relaxing and nurturing environment in which children can learn and develop.

Choosing the right nursery for your child is one of the most important and difficult decisions that you will ever have to make.

We hope that the information on our website will give you an insight into what makes us different from other childcare providers.

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Our team

Our staff are selected not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their personality and attributes.

We like to offer our children a stimulating yet calm environment, where they are cared for by special individuals who completely support our ethos and focus on creating a homely environment.

Here at the Green Cave Day Nursery we operate the key person approach in which your child will be assigned a designated member of staff. They will be responsible for the day to day care of your child as well as observing the progression and development they make.

site manager


Tracy has worked in childcare for over 30 years, she is a trained Montessori Teacher alongside numerous other qualifications. She has worked with children with additional needs and a variety of schools of varying ages. Tracy’s passion lies with early years, exploring nature and has a love for art.

Tracy first started out at The Green Cave Day Nursery as a Montessori specialist Teacher and would come into the nursery weekly to provide Montessori sessions, during this time Tracy fell in love with the setting as she loved the calm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Our rooms

The Green Cave Nursery provides children with wonderful opportunities for their learning and development as well as promoting excellent welfare provision. We aim to provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment, where each child is treated equally and welcomed into a warm, homely atmosphere, where they are valued for who they are. Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace, with activities and opportunities being carefully planned building from their interests and abilities.

The baby room

Our babies are cared for in a free flow environment, where toys and resources are easily accessible for the children to explore. We also have a separate sleep room to allow for some quiet time between all the activities that are on offer throughout the day.

Our staff ensure that a variety of activities are offered in order to stimulate your child’s senses further.

Within this room we focus the children’s next steps around the prime areas of learning as these are the building blocks that create the foundations to allow your child’s learning to progress further.

The pre-school room

Our Pre School room is designed to develop a confident and enquiring mind, where each child can learn through discovery and play.

We incorporate many Montessori inspiring activities into our daily routines. Our activities are designed to allow personal development through investigation and sensorial simulation, encouraging analytical skills, which can be channelled into all areas of life. We promote child led learning, enabling the children to learn, play and develop in the here and now.

Our daily preschool walks provide “enhancing experiences and opportunities to ensure children discover and enjoy the awe and wonder of the world.”

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The Green Cave Nursery
is located right next to Tunbridge Wells train station.

Nursery Manager:
Tracy Watkins

Nursery Address:
10 Vale Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1BP

Car park located above
The Range

01892 800 033


Opening Hours:
7:30am-6:30pm, Monday – Friday

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